Isabell Long The original prototype for GovSpark was developed by Isabell Long, aged 16, during Young Rewired State 2010; an event run by Rewired State for young developers aged 15-18 working with open government data. GovSpark came about because the government has live and historical energy data available on widgets on each departments' respective websites, but not in one central, easily comparable space.

The Home Page of this site carries Isabell's original work.

The prototype was shown, alongside everything else that was made, at the end of the Young Rewired State week to a selection of government and press. Andrew Stott, a judge at YRS, alerted Number Ten to the prototype Issy made as they were planning to develop a league table of energy use per central government department. This led to Isabell being invited in to Cabinet Office to meet some senior civil servants and talk about whether what she had done could be used by government for a competition they wanted to run. TSO, open data publishers, offered hosting and to fund some of the development of GovSpark which is what you can see in the other pages behind Isabell's, including the competition itself.

Enormous thanks are due to Glyn Wintle, who created the detail page and worked with Issy during the YRS week, and Carbon Culture, who swept us out of the depths of data despair with their warrior API: for making this happen and this site live in the face of some pretty hefty data and time challenges. And to the front end design team who stormed us to the finish line: Josh Hart, Ryan Dean-Corke and Nick Booth.

The site has been developed with a keen eye on integrity of data and the numbers generated - we have not spent a huge amount of time on design, please bear with us, we will develop this over time.

Additional thanks must be given to Ben Griffiths and Chris Thorpe who were instrumental in the initial development of this site from prototype.